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Hindu Prints

Hindu Prints

De 9/12/2023 a 12/2/2024




Gravuras da Índia / Prints from India

works by

Arpan Mukherjee

Uttam Kumar Basak

Ajit Seal

Ganeev Sangwan Aditi

Prashant Phirangi

Moirangthem Thomas Singh

Salil Sahani


organization Flavia Fernandes


December 9

Saturday 1 - 5 pm



Prints from India:


The "Prints from India" exhibition will feature prints by artists teaching at the Graphic Arts Center at Kala Bhavana University in Santiniketan. “Prints from India” has works in different techniques, including lithography, etching, woodcut, screen printing, cyanotype, photoetching and multimedia.

The artists present in their work extremely elaborate drawings, prints with many color prints and creative universes of the highest quality. Their prints make us restless, make us think and open new horizons for their world and culture. A precious achievement by someone who is deeply involved with their expressive medium. They are images that tell stories, full of color, transitions of tone, overlaps, movement, invention in the compositional field, delicacy in the making, mystery and memory .


The Visva-Bharati University:


Formed by Europe's Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Thakur, known as Tagore, in 1921, it started a school in conscious repudiation of the system introduced in India by the British rulers, seeking to preserve and realize the intrinsic values of education in ancient India. Simplicity was the cardinal point of this institution. Classes were and still are held outdoors, in the shade of trees, where man and nature enter into an immediate harmonious relationship. Teachers and students share sociocultural life. The curriculum consists of music, painting, dramatic performances and other performance practices. Beyond the accepted limits of intellectual and academic pursuits, opportunities have been created to invigorate and sustain the multiple faculties of the human personality.


Kala Bahvana University Graphic arts department:


A reference for all of India due to its high level of quality and development of printmaking techniques that range from the oldest such as lithography, etching, woocut and screen printing to 19th century analogue photography techniques which are used to create contemporary and multimedia prints. Students and teachers work full time in these artistic practices. Graphic production is intense and coordinated by teaching artists.


The exhibition proposal of Kala Bhavana, a center for visual art practices and research in India, shaped the modernism of culture initiated by Rabindranath Tagore, as it richly contributed and directed individual art in a contemporary space. By proposing a meeting with a young nation, such as Brazil, it expresses an effort and goodwill to exchange techniques used today, an attempt to find and study new motives and aesthetic results in the cultural field for both countries.

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